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Posture Analysis

Get In Step Podiatry Introduces the 3D Gyroscope In Ballymena

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How good is your posture? Get In Step!

Posture and core stability relates to the bodily region bounded by the abdominal wall, the pelvis, the lower back and the diaphragm, spinal extensor muscle and its ability to stabilise the body during movement. Core stability and hip strength reportedly influence lower limb injury risk. (International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy 2014).


A poor posture can cause pain and injuries

A lack of flexibility through the hips (gluteus muscles, hamstrings, hip flexors) leads to tensions and strains on the lower back impacting on our walking and running patterns making us more susceptible to pain and injuries. Hip movement affects the lower limbs and feet and movement and position of the feet affect the hips and back.


Posture types


That’s why Get In Step Podiatry analyses the whole posture and gait.


3D Gyroscope

The 3D Gyroscope measures the 3D movement of the hips when walking and running. It detects abnormalities in hip strength and hence potential risk and/or explanations for lower limb and foot injuries. Get In Step Podiatry is able to provide the complete picture of the interaction of the hips and feet during gait. Working alongside physiotherapists, chiropractors and pilates instructors further enhances the skills and expertise to deliver the best results for all patients, helping us to get back in step and pain free.

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