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Custom Prescription Insoles, Revolutionary Super-thin Flexible Orthotics To Optimise Gait and Posture

The Skeletal Balance System Orthotics by Everflex

Modern orthotics for a modern lifestyle. This system is a first for Northern Ireland and are the professional products used by elite athletes such as the Scottish Rugby team, Commonwealth Games Athletes and many more. These are revolutionary scientific flexible orthotics (customised insoles) that:



  • Realign the legs and joints/muscles through their entire stride preventing and healing injuries
  • Unique ability to flex and move dynamically with your feet, allowing a much more natural gait and posture
  • Improve walking and running efficiency
  • Improve sporting performance
  • Help people remain active
  • Reduce pain


Each insole is hand finished and tailored to suit your specific requirements. Get In Step Podiatry has its own workshop enabling modification of the orthotics at any time, refurbishment of your insoles and a change of prescription if required. The top covers of these insoles may require renewal every few of years or so and this is carried out by Get In Step Podiatry Clinic.


Custom Orthotics By Everflex: Helping your foot and your trainer to work in harmony.
Custom Orthotics By Everflex


These custom orthotics have a life time guarantee against shell fracture and the Ever-flex quality of the shell ensures optimal correction for many years.

Personalised Orthortics

Get In Step Podiatry’s orthotics are available in various types to suit the footwear and activities they are required for e.g. fashion footwear, sporting activities, work boots and everyday footwear.  We fit your insoles to a wide range of your footwear to ensure you can wear them on most occasions.

With Ever Step orthotics you will not have the frustration of having insoles sent backwards and forwards to a supplier to get them comfortable! The flexibility of this unique carbon-fibre ensures comfort at all times. This is important as we all spend most of our time walking and running on hard surfaces. Lets be kind to our feet and joints.


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