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Gait Analysis

Correction of the ‘mechanics’ of the feet and lower body

Your gait can impact the alignment of your joints and tension on your muscles groups.
Gait Analysis is important as your gait can impact the alignment of your joints and tension on your muscles groups.


At Get In Step Podiatry clinics, all patients receive a full Gait Analysis and biomechanical assessment.

Gait Analysis is “the study of walking and running and Biomechanics is the study of the movement of the bones and muscles and how they affect our walking, running and standing posture”.


How Does Gait Analysis Work?

Gait Analysis highlights how the imbalances in the biomechanics affects the walking and running cycle. An abnormality in walking or running often leads to injury, sub optimal performance and pain. Sporting activities will enhance any abnormality as greater pressures are going through the feet, lower limbs, hips and back. If you come for Gait Analysis we can evaluate your footwear in relation to your foot type and the type of orthotics required.

By analysing your walking and running we are able to obtain a good insight into the possible causes for many types of injury and pain. This pain can be anywhere from the back down into the feet. You do not have to have a specific sports injury, it may just be pain which is present when walking or doing a specific movement.

If there is no pain or injury, Gait analysis is still important. Prevention is better than the cure!

Based on our unique and innovative research findings from 100’s of patients, Get In Step Podiatry stands apart in its understanding of how an individual’s biomechanical profile impacts on gait/running patterns and core stability. These findings are cutting edge and set us apart from any other podiatry practice in Ireland, helping many to be active and pain free.


Children’s Feet

Many foot problems start in childhood. It is recommended that parents observe their child’s walking patterns very carefully. We are specialists in children’s Gait Analysis. Here are some signs to look for when identifying a child’s foot problem:

 Does the child?

  • Toe-In (pigeon-toed) or toe-out excessively?
  • Have knock knees or bow legs?
  • Appear flat footed?
  • Walk or stands strangely?
  • Complain of “growing pains”?
  • Have sports-related foot, ankle or knee injuries?

All of these signs and many more can be related to your child’s foot type. Orthotics – prescription insoles can be used to support proper foot function and relieve pain and discomfort for years to come.

Book a One Hour Gait Analysis for £50 OR a One Hour Gait Analysis with the 3D Gyroscope for £60


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